Floating Hotel for the Pearl Islands

Pearl Islands

A new floating boutique hotel is due to be added to Panama’s impressive portfolio of resorts, hotels and accommodations in November. The hotel takes the form of a cruise ship, named the Sea Voyager and was built in Germany.

The Sea Voyager will cruise around the Pearl Islands offering the benefits of private yacht-like facilities with an air of luxury. The 3 deck liner offers a maximum guest capacity of 64, accommodated in 33 rooms.

The cruises are centered around the eco tourism aspect and potential of the region and were designed by world renowned Swiss hotelier Andre Niederhauser. Itineraries aboard the luxury ship include swimming and horseback riding onshore by day and by night luxurious gourmet dining on board the ship.

Pearl Islands

The crew of the vessel originate from the Lindblad fleet, which according to Niehauser offer superior service and standards, and hence the retention of the closely knit team on board the Sea Voyager. Cruises onboard the pioneering eco tourist destinations are available in three, four and seven day itineraries, with special launch promotions available