How to Find Short Term Rentals in Dubai Quickly and Easily?

Dubai - Lakeside

Dubai’s popularity seems never-ending as more and more people travel there, both for business and leisure. As a result, the demand for short stay rentals has never been greater.

The Dubai international airport is where that journey starts, and it is the main gateway for most of the international visitors. Getting from the airport to downtown Dubai is fairly easy as travelers can opt for underground or a Dubai airport taxi. The airport transfer is the easier part, but finding a place to stay for a short period is more challenging.

Where to find short term rentals?

Luckily, visitors can choose from a vast pool of available houses, villas, and apartments. All short stay apartments and houses are completely furnished and have all the amenities that you could think of, and that can be found in most hotels – from essential household items, linen, cutlery to a variety of electronic appliances. Usually, a short term rental can be for at least a week. If you rent an apartment for more than that, you can get a better price.

Almost all of Dubai’s real estate agencies offer short term rentals. Your best bet of finding one is through them, or classified ads and website listings.

Some of the most popular areas where you can find short term rentals include:

  • Dubai Marina
  • Bur Dubai
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Al Barsha
  • Palm Jumeirah
Business Bay Dubai
Business Bay Dubai

Things to know about short term rentals in Dubai

  • Short term apartments are way cheaper than hotels.
  • The best short term rental apartments include weekly housekeeping in the rate fee.
  • Short term rental means that you can rent an apartment for at least one week.
  • Most of the short term rental places are conveniently placed near local supermarkets, health clubs, and malls. Also, Dubai has an excellent public transport system that runs through most urban areas.
  • Almost all short-term rental places can be booked easily online.
  • There is a variety of properties to choose from, such as studio apartments, villas, and multi-bedroom villas.
Dubai - Lago Vista
Dubai – Lago Vista

How to choose a short term rental apartment/house in Dubai?

With so many to choose from, selecting a short term rental apartment/house can be a bit challenging. To help you make the selection process easier, we’ve made a list of things to consider.

  • Location matters, especially if you are there for business, and you need to travel to the same workplace daily. Therefore, choose a place that’s in the same area where you work. If there isn’t an opening in that area, then look for places where local transport is available.
  • Make sure that the place has all the modern amenities you need: internet access, linen, household items, swimming pool, and so on.
  • Online booking is super essential for all expats that want to get things organized and done fast and efficiently.
  • Decent prices. Nothing in Dubai is cheap; rent of any kind included. However, there is expensive, and then there is super expensive. Therefore, make sure that you review all of your options before committing, even if it is for a week or few.