Property in Morocco

Property in Morocco

Morocco has more to offer than most people realize, its proximity to Europe and easy connections make it only a stones throw from southern Spain; and with a very moderate climate, in the North the average winter temperature is around 18ºC, it is easy to see why the inhabitants of the Costa del Sol have been coming here for years.

Well the secret is now out, Morocco is no longer an exotic playground only for the jet set or a trekker’s paradise for the hardy traveler, Morocco is finally taking its just place in the tourism spotlight.

What is the Capital of Morocco?

What is the Population of Morocco?
32 million

Who is the King?
Morocco is a Kingdom ruled by King Mohammed VI. He came to power in 1999 aged 34. His father King Hassan II was the longest serving leader in the Arab World from 1962 to 1999.

What is the time in Morocco?
Morocco is on Greenwich Mean time so is the same time as London.

What language do they speak in Morocco?
Arabic is the official language however French, Spanish and English are widely spoken

What currency do they use?
They use the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). However visitors cannot bring Dirhams into the country so you can change your money on arrival or just withdraw cash from any of the cashpoints.

What is the exchange rate?
€1 = 10.96 MAD
1 GBP = 15.89 MAD
US$ = 9.06 MAD
(Valid on 5th January 2006 – these rates are subject to change)

How far is Morocco from the UK?
Average flying time of 2 ½ hours

How far is Morocco from Spain?
Ceuta to Algeciras is just a 30 minute ferry ride and with the new Channel Tunnel being built by 2010 getting to the Costa del Sol will be even easier!

Can I play Golf?
There are over 30 golf courses in Morocco. King Hassan II was an internationally ranked golfer so Morocco has recently developed quite a reputation for excellent golf courses.

How much is a round of Golf?
Typically you would pay €40 for a round of golf.

Are there any marinas and how much is a berth?
Yes there are a number of marinas and on average you will pay €300 per year for berth fees

What activities are available?
There are a number of tennis clubs, equestrian centres, a wide range of watersports, golf courses, plus numerous marinas offering sailing and boat trips. You can go skiing in the Atlas Mountains and camel trekking in the Sahara Desert.

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