Renting a Room in Limpersberg Luxembourg – Here’s What You Need to Know


Finding a room in Limpersberg, Luxembourg has never been easier. Rental and property management agencies such as VaubanFort made the process a breeze as they got plenty to offer and can help you get settled.

However, before you rent a room in Limpersberg, it’s always helpful to learn a thing or two about this district, and not rely on other people’s subjective opinions.

Location and key figures

Limpersberg is a residential district spread on over 1.57 km2, conveniently located in the very center of Luxembourg City. Two third of its 10,852 residents (as per 2018) are foreigners, and the rest are native Luxembourgish.

This stylish neighborhood is known for its traditional architecture and its calmness. In addition to the many old houses, the district is also known for its many green spaces and parks. On top of all is the district’s sunny location that makes it even more attractive.


Community and Culture

As mentioned above, Limpersberg is a mix of European expats and locals, most of which are family people. The Utopia Cinema and the Grand Theatre are two cultural institutions that are known for its sophisticated program. Cultural events are a big part of the local community and are regularly flooded by the locals that embrace and welcome them.


The top schools are one of the main reasons why so many families decide to come to live in this district. No other district in the city of Luxembourg has more schools than Limpersberg, both primary and secondary. There are also international schools where children are educated in English.

Public transport

There are plenty of transport lines that connect the district with the rest of the city. Bus lines CN4, CN2, CN1, 30, 19, 12, and 4 cover every part of the city. They are always on time and are regular. That means easily getting to work in every part of the city, hassle-free and at the lowest possible cost.


The downsides

There are only two things that one can mind about living in Limpersberg – rental prices and buses. Due to the many schools, there is a great number of school buses. However, in the afternoons, when school classes are over, there isn’t a quieter and calmer neighborhood in the entire city.

Rental prices, and generally the price of real estate, are one of the highest in the country. The high demand for residential space, the appeal of the neighborhood, the local salaries, all those factors contribute to the current situation. From the look of things, the rental prices are not going to go down any time soon.

In conclusion

The average rental price may be a bit higher than in many other Luxembourg neighborhoods, but what you get in return is way beyond any price. The tranquillity of the community, the stylish buildings, the culture, the vibe of the neighborhood is remarkable. It is one of those places that wins you over in a heartbeat.